"I have a real soft spot in my heart for librarians
and people who care about books."
~ Ann Richards, former Governor of Texas
All-Around READing Dogs
Texas ~ "Tina," "Carmen," & "Chloe"  

Team Read, Heart of Texas Therapy Dogs

Tina is the perfect cheer leader.

Tina and Barbara LOVE to promote literacy at libraries in the Dallas area. Here she's ready for a "Pup Rally for Reading," where she and Barbara will cheer for the young readers.

Long coat Chihuahua therapy dog

Chloe: eagerly awaiting whatever's next.

Chloe is an AKC Long Coat Chihuahua, now happily retired from both the show dog world and from motherhood and eagerly embracing her new career as a therapy dog.

Long coat Chihuahua therapy dog

Chloe proudly wears her own special ID tag.

Like her "sister" therapy dogs Tina and Carmen, Chloe is registered with Therapy Dogs Inc. and is an active member of Heart of Texas Therapy Dogs.

Long-coated Chihuahua therapy dog.

Everyone loves a visit from Chloe.

In addition to her R.E.A.D. activities at schools and public libraries, she also visits an acute care hospital, an Alzheimer's day services center, and several assisted living facilities. 

Special photos are nice to give
special readers.

Above are examples of pictures that are given to children who read to them. Barbara says, "Everywhere we go, kids absolutely love to take home a photo of the therapy dog(s) they read with."

Books about Chihuahuas include:
Carry-Ons: Traveling Chihuahuas, by Sharon Montrose
Chihuahuas, by Susan H. Gray
Chihuahuas, by Connie C. Miller
Chihuahuas, by Lynn Stone
How Willy Got His Wheels, by Deborah Turner
What Dogs Want for Christmas, by Kandy Radzinski

Here are links to the special books with Tina in the photo above:

Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog, by John Grogan
Marley: A Dog Like No Other, by John Grogan
Bad Dog, Marley! by John Grogan

Some of Carmen's favorite books about Chihuahuas include:
Chewy and Chica, by Ellen Miles
Chihuahua: Señor Tiny, by Natalie Lunis
Chihuahuas are the Best! by Elaine Landau
Chocolate at the Four Seasons, by Betty Paraskevas
Chula the Chihuahua, by Garilee Ogden and Tya Taylor
Frank is a Chihuahua, by Kevin Morrison

The Chihuahua Chase, by A. E. Cannon

(Click on the book titles for a brief description and convenient ordering information.)

Tina, Carmen, and Chloe are Chihuahuas. Most people assume the Chihuahua originated entirely in Central and South America and derives its name from the Mexican state of Chihuahua. However, another theory holds that it originated in China and was brought to the New World by Spanish Traders, where it was then crossed with small native dogs. Most likely the Chihuahua is a combination of those theories. In any event, it is now one of America’s most popular breeds.

long-coated chihuahua, therapy dog

Tina's ready and waiting!

Tina is a long-coated Chihuahua. She has been working as a therapy dog since she was just a year old. Tina certainly has the spirited personality of the typical Chihuahua. In addition to being registered with Therapy Dogs Inc., she is a member of Heart of Texas Therapy Dogs. Tiny Tina easily handles a very busy schedule. Her active life includes visiting several nursing homes, assisted living facilities, an Alzheimer’s day care facility, and an acute care hospital. She also works with special-needs children doing animal-assisted speech therapy.

heart of texas therapy dogs

Tina's preparing to help young readers.

A Chihuahua’s coat can be smooth with soft, glossy hair, or long with a soft texture, either flat or slightly curly, fringed ears and legs, and a long plumed tail. They are small (less than 6 pounds), alert, graceful, swift-moving little dogs, often described as having a “saucy” expression.

Smooth-coated Chihuahua therapy dog

Carmen is the smooth coated variety
of Chihuahua.

Adopted by Barbara from the Richardson Humane Society in October 2008, Carmen now leads a busy life. Like Tina, she is registered with Therapy Dogs, Inc., is a member of Heart of Texas Therapy Dogs, and is a Reading Education Assistance Dog®. In addition to her R.E.A.D. activities, she takes turns visiting an acute care hospital, several assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, an Alzheimer's day care center, schools, and libraries.

Always a busy gal, the pictures below were taken to promote a 2008 library event in Allen, Texas. The "Allen Reads One Book" program chose Marley & Me to be the "One Book" everyone in the city was encouraged to read. Children could read adaptations of the story geared to younger readers.

Long coat Chihuahua therapy dog

Uh-oh, what's Marley into now?

Long coat Chihuahua therapy dog

These are going in my backpack
so I can look at them again later.