"Pair a person with a canine
and you have a powerful partnership."
~ Donna M. Jackson
All-Around READing Dogs
Minnesota ~ "Chase"  

Now Chase loves to meet people and wants to connect with everyone. If he’s in a room full of people, like at a book signing, he’s bothered if he doesn’t get to greet each person individually. After his difficult beginning in life, he may be trying to make up for lost time on the love front.

When a local librarian was determined to start a “Dog Gone Reading” program, Jenny helped Chase complete the required training to become a Delta Pet Partner. Next, they became a Reading Education Assistance Dog® team and began volunteering at the library for two hours per month. Kids read to Chase, developing their reading abilities in a supportive environment. Chase listens intently while each child reads him a story. He enjoys any story, is great company, and isn’t judgmental.

While reading out loud to Chase, kids build confidence and gain a friend. Kids who don’t have pets at home get to connect with a dog. Chase, who doesn’t have a kid at home, gets to bond with kids and fulfill his purpose to give love. The kids get to know the local library and all that it offers. Chase and Jenny explain how to approach a dog, to pet him gently, and to be kind and respectful to animals. Chase is a natural! He knows how important it is to be kind.

Australian Cattle Dog-Collie mix

After a busy day, Chase takes a brief,
but well-deserved nap.

Jenny is excited that Chase is fulfilling his purpose of sharing love, helping kids develop their reading abilities, and supporting their local library. As an author who loves to read, she doesn’t want the joy of reading real books to be lost. She wants kids to know the pleasure of reading from a printed book held in their hands. Chase already knows the important stuff. He knows how to forgive and how to give love. His heart is wide open; he is an open book.

Stories about Australian Cattle Dogs include:
8 State Hurricane Kate: The Journey and Legacy of a Katrina Cattle Dog, by Jenny Pavlovic
Pepper, the Naughty Cattle Dog, by Baz Parker
Sophie: The Incredible True Story of the Castaway Dog, by Emma Pearse

Stories about Collies include:
Gina Bina Ballerina, by Cathy Howard and Vanessa Kniight
Sandwiches for Duke, by Judy Ann Sadler
The Christmas Collie, by Ted Paul

Two of Chase's favorite books to read with children are Go, Dog. Go! by P. D. Eastman, and More Bears, by Kenn Nevitt.

Chase is also included in the Not Without My Dog Resource & Record Book.

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Judging by his coat, coloring, personality, and strong herding instinct, Chase appears to be a mix of Smooth-coated Collie and Australian Cattle Dog. Jenny says a friend she met while caring for rescued animals after Hurricane Katrina later rescued Chase from a man who was going to shoot him for chasing sheep. The photo Jenny first saw of him was that of a scared little dog, shaking and trembling, but she felt he would be a good fit for her family and soon arranged to have him transported from Virginia to Minnesota, where he began his happy new life.

Australian Cattle Dog-Collie mix, therapy dog

Traveling from Virginia to Minnesota,
Chase is another rescue success story.

Although early on Chase appeared to have some flashbacks to the violence he had been subjected to before being rescued, he seems to have recovered and understands he is safe now. He became fast friends with Jenny’s other Australian Cattle Dog, Bandit, and the two enjoy playing ball, running in the woods, and bobbing for fallen apples in the kiddie pool.

Jenny and Chase went to obedience and agility classes, learned to track together, and enjoyed herding sheep and ducks. Jenny says he has become the sweetest and most sensitive dog she’s known. Although acting on his herding instinct could have cost him his life, he trusts Jenny now and herds without fear, showing you can start over again and recover from abuse and violence to be who you were meant to be.

Chase now smiles a lot in his
wonderful forever home,

Chase came from this rescue organization and Jenny always likes to give them credit and encourage others to donate: Lost Fantasy Rescue They are in a poverty-stricken area of Virginia and Sarah helps a lot of animals with very little resources. Jenny is so grateful that she met Sarah in Louisiana and that she rescued Chase.