A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.
~ Chinese proverb

All-Around READing Dogs
Kansas ~ "Shiloh"  

A beagle in a praying position.

Please let this be a READing day!

At home, of course, following their noses can also lead to mischief. Shiloh’s favorite activity when he isn’t visiting, other than sleeping or eating, is out "hunting.”  Even at an exciting dog park, he always checks out the perimeter first to make sure there are no critters hiding. His partner, Kim, is certain that Shiloh believes he is God’s gift to the hunter (and yes, he does use his loud, deep Beagle bay), even though he has never been hunting a day in his life.

This beagle is a therapy dog and listening to a child read him a book.

Shiloh is just the right size
for snuggling up in a reader's arms

Shiloh was born in 2003. He has participated in various obedience classes and passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. He and Kim became a Delta Society Pet Partner team in 2005 and have been a R.E.A.D. team since 2008. They visit a nursing home and a hospice as well as the library, and participate in as many community events as possible.

This beagle is dressed up in a tuxedo.

Beagles are often curious and clownish,
and Shiloh is no exception.

Kim says Shiloh is a ham with a capital H.  He loves to perform his various tricks and has been rewarded 3 times with Best Pet Trick at their local animal shelter's fundraiser, Paws In The Park.  He performs several tricks during visits at the nursing home and hospice, and when they get ready to leave the library, he will sit up and wave good-bye to the kids.  

This beagle is posing for her birthday picture.

Shasta looks up to her mentor, Shiloh.

Shiloh also is helping Kim raise and train Shasta, also a Beagle and related to Shiloh. She has earned her CGC and is also a Delta Society Pet Partner.

Books about Beagles include:

BeagleMania, by Bella Eaton.
Loudest Beagle on the Block, by A. J. Dawson by Tui T. Sutherland
One Nosy Pup, by Carol Wallace and Steve Bjorkman
Sniffy the Beagle, by Rita S. Eagle

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Shiloh is a Beagle. One of the most good-natured hounds, the Beagle was bred as a pack hunter and naturally thrives on companionship, whether human or canine. It is an excellent child’s dog, always ready to join in a game or an adventure. They are easy-care family pets because they do not drool or have a doggy odor, and shedding is minimal.

This beagle is a therapy dog.

Looking very important, Shiloh
is ready to go to work .

The most famous Beagle of all is Snoopy from the comic strip “Peanuts.” Other well-known Beagles include Him and Her, owned by former President Lyndon Johnson, who also had a third Beagle named Edgar. And in 2008, a Beagle named Uno became the first of his breed to win Best in Show at the world famous Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Uno is also a Delta Society Pet Partner.

Picture of a beagle sniffing as if hunting for rabbits.

Where is that wascally wabbit?

Originally bred for trailing rabbits, their distinctive baying voices and white-tipped tails led the way along winding paths while hunters followed on foot. Beagles today are of two varieties, 13 inches and 15 inches high at the shoulder; however, in the 1800s there were several smaller sizes, including a “pocket-size” dog of only about 9 inches that hunters could carry if necessary. Their sense of smell is incredible, and they are often trained to sniff out contraband at airports.

This beagle is a therapy dog, sniffing out good books for children to read.

Now Shiloh hunts for the best books!

Shiloh had to start out in therapy wearing a Halti Headcollar, which looks to some people like a muzzle. Attaching a leash to the Halti made it easier to guide Shilow gently, because he could be very strong when outside on walks if he spotted a rabbit. Delta Society says if your dog tests with it, then the dog must wear it on therapy visits.  However, additional practice and training paid off, and the next time Shiloh was re-evaluated -- WOO HOO, no more Halti.