"And then a hero comes along, with the strength to carry on..."


The following story was provided by Hero's owner, handler, trainer,
and forever friend, Heddie Ledger.

Rottweiler therapy reading dogs

Hero was owned by a 70-year-old woman who was taken by cancer. Hero then came to live with us. Depressed, he would not eat. He moped around, obviously heartbroken, and would not spend even one moment by himself. He suffered true separation anxiety. Hardly the picture that most people have of this breed in our society. I slowly began to win his trust and he became more confident. I began to realize that Hero really loved having a job to do. A strong character trait of Rottweilers being a working breed is that they need to have responsibility and a job to do, so we started obedience training. Hero proved a willing learner. Since he had been diligent in watching over Carol, I decided to train him for therapy work. He would be our second therapy dog, an he was a natural.

He had to at least pass the CGC, before we could take him for a Therapy Dog Certification. He did very well with the exception of when he had to stay and I had to leave the room for three minutes. That was torture for him. It took us months to perfect just that little feat...but he did. Since passing the CGC, in just one short year, Hero has passed the American Temperament Test, passed a Rally obedience title, has legs toward his CD, and registeredwith at least four therapy groups. He has also attained Multi V-1 ratings at shows, and an International Canadian/American Championship, UCI.

We are most amazed at how accomplished Hero is at his therapy job. He gets calls from all over the state for his visits. In this photo you will see Hero at the AKC Museum of the Dog Hall of Fame in St. Louis, Missouri. He was the summer camp dog. He provided the children a chance to learn about the different jobs dogs perform, and they learned about pet safety, bite prevention, anti-bullying, respect and kindness. Hero wore four harnesses did a demonstration of each. He also let the children bathe and groom him, and brush his teeth.

AKC Museum of the Dog

Hero is slated to return to the summer camp next year. In the photo, you will see him with his fan club, and a doggy friend, Fawn and her owner. Fawn had to have a leg amputated due to abuse, and she did not like dogs at all. She actually let Hero become her friend, so we had to have her in the picture. You will notice that I am not in the picture at all. I am far in the distance and Hero is in the sit-stay. To some that may not seem like an accomplishment, but for one who has overcome separation anxiety, it is like conquering the most coveted title in the world.

therapy dog Rottweiler