"Satisfaction does not come from indulgence . . . it comes from achievement."
~-Calvin Coolidge

All-Around READing Dogs
Georgia ~ "Lucy"  

Greyhound therapy dog looking at a book.

Hmm...a book about Greyhounds.

Greyhounds can run up to 40 mph and are known as sight hounds, because they hunt small game by sight rather than smell. There are now two types, those bred for racing and those bred for show. Typically, they are calm and well-behaved pets. They are nice to stroke, as their smooth coat is almost velvety to the touch.

Greyhound with a party hat.

Lucy poses nicely for a special picture.

True to her breed, Lucy is intelligent, sensitive, and happy in the company of humans and other dogs. Some people may think Greyhounds tend to bite, because they've seen them wearing muzzles. The muzzles are worn to keep excited racers from accidentally nipping one another during or just after a race.

Greyhound therapy dog relaxing with boy as he reads a story.

Lucy likes to lie next to the child,
with a clear view of the book.

Although some racing Greyhounds are kept in large crates almost their whole life, sometimes up to 20 hours a day, most are treated well, given proper care, and are allowed outside for a few hours several times a day. The dogs love to run and their trainers keep keep them healthy so they can do their best. There are now many Greyhound adoption agencies helping to find suitable owners for rescued and retired racers. Lucy was adopted from Second Chance Greyhounds, a volunteer, nonprofit organization working throughout Georgia and Florida. This unique group works in partnership with a correctional facility to have inmates care for and train former racing Greyhounds. This allows those inmates to experience the unconditional love of a pet, while at the same time the dogs can be properly socialized, become acclimated to new experiences in the outside world, and get some basic obedience training, all excellent preparation for their adoption and transition into a retirement lifestyle.

Greyhound therapy dog relaxing with good book.

At the end of the day,
quiet time with her own book.

Because these dogs are built for speed and seem to enjoy really stretching their legs, some adoptive families take their Greyhounds to amateur racing events, making friends and sharing stories about their new furry family member. Lucy keeps busy with lure coursing, pet therapy, reading visits, and her three sister housemates. Lucy is lucky to be "living the life" with such a wonderful family. There are fluffy beds in every room of the house, lots of toys to play with, and even homemade cookies, courtesy of Patti.

Books about Greyhounds include:
A Greyhound's Tale: Running for Glory, Walking for Home, by Craig Pierce
Dorian Greyhound: A Dog's Tale, by Sheryl Longin
Greyhound: Canine Blur, by Natalie Lunis
Griddle the Greyhound, by Doris A. Ahrens

(Click on the titles above for a brief description and convenient ordering information.)

If you think one of the fastest dog breeds on earth can't settle down to listen to a good story, think again -- and meet Lucy!

Field Champion Greyhound racing in prelims.

Lucy knows it's time to
go listen to stories .

Lucy was a racing Greyhound before being adopted by Patti into a wonderful, loving forever home which she now shares with three other Greyhound "sisters." And, as you can see from the photo, she actually loves running. She participates in lure coursing (running around a field chasing fake bunnies) and has won lots of ribbons. Lucy has earned a Field Champion title.

Greyhound therapy dog visits Smyrna, Georgia, library.

Lucy knows life is good.

Lucy visits adults and children in hospitals and enjoys the attention. After being in pet therapy for several years, she and Patti became a registered R.E.A.D.® team in January 2011. They also belong to the Georgia Chapter of Reading Paws, an affiliate of R.E.A.D., and they volunteer at New Georgia Public Library.

Greyhound therapy dog listens to a book.

Once he begins to read,
Lucy settles down to listen

Even though Greyhounds are noted for speed, one of Lucy's favorite pastimes is napping. She takes several a day, but is careful not to nap--or snore--during reading sessions. If she looks like she's about to fall asleep, Patti assures the readers she's just resting her eyes and that she is in fact listening to them read.

Greyhound therapy dog reading with child.

Is Lucy laughing at something
funny in the story?

At Lucy's first library session, four children were signed up to read and all four arrived with book in hand, ready to go. Once other children saw her, many more signed up and Patti said they were fully booked for at least the next six months.

On December 15, 2015, sweet Lucy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. She is missed every day.